Apps to secure Photos on your Windows Phone 8

There are times when you don’t want to share the pictures taken on your Windows Phone to other casual users and hence want to protect it from the users who accesses your phone.

There are some cool apps that lets you to protect the pictures on your Windows Phone which are generally not visible to other users until they unlock with the password.

Below are some of the Windows Phone Apps to secure Photos on your Windows Phone 8.

1. File Locker for Windows Phone

File Locker is a Windows Phone app and helps you to protect your data like images/album using pin code.

Know more about File Locker and download it from Windows Phone Store.

2. Lock and Hide for Windows Phone

Lock and Hide is a Windows Phone App that has the UI similar to the Windows Phone’s Picture Hub and does an encryption of the photos.

The App lets you to define your own password or encryption key to protect the pictures.

Know more about Lock and Hide and download from Windows Phone Store.

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