Windows Phone 7 Apps Review by Dave Campbell

Dave Campbell has tried something in his Blog WynApse

Dave has reviewed some of the Windows Phone 7 apps in the market place and is planning to review more in the coming posts.

The reason i am sharing the link is simply because even i had the idea of writing a review of the WP7 Apps but had to postpone it , since i am waiting for my device in some months time . I thought running the App in device and then reviewing it would make more sense than blindly doing it .

And for the info Dave has done pretty well in reviewing the Apps and giving the users an idea of how the WP7 App is .

Dave has reviewed 5 WP7 application in his current post Silverlight Cream Monday WP7 App Review # 1 and is planning to review more Applications depending on the feedback he gets .

1. Jingo
2. René Schulte’s Pictures Lab
4. tuners
5. Popper 2

Great work Dave . The idea of reviewing the WP7 Apps is great and i am glad to see that you are reviewing the App’s that you use . Continue the great work you are doing .

Cheers !!!


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