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Why should i Blog ?

Recently , i was asked by one of my friend on why do i blog ? Β or rather why should one Blog.This forced me to think myself and write down the important points on why do i blog ? .

Most Bloggers out there blog for more fun or perhaps could be a fan of an product and well end up in writing articles related to them .

I am no exception to it . I am serious fan of Microsoft Technologies like .NET , Windows Mobile etc. Β , but also enjoy writing on other things too that i feel good about and I just share my passion through My Blog.

Thats the reason , one would see more articles on .NET , but still i write on other Technologies that i work everyday too.

I end up being wrong sometimes and learn from the mistakes i made .This remindes me of an incident when Mr .Vijay ( Author ) of msigeek and an MVP called me once and explained me how one should blog after i did something wrong . Hope Vijay and me knows it better πŸ™‚ .Things soon turned out fine and i hope i learnt a lot too from him.

I write blog to get noticed in a positive way and establish more contacts with the people of similar interests .

The Blogging sometimes helps me to update my technical skills as well as writing skills and sometimes makes me think that i am Expert too πŸ™‚

I own my Domain and hosting , and most of the time , i end up installing WordPress and even try installing other Content Management System . This provides me more idea on how to install them too.

Now , i have changed my Blog tagline to ” Learn , Blog and Share ” to elaborate the mission of my Blog .

Let me know what you like and what you dont like in my Blog and how i can make my Blog more Informative …

Senthil Kumar B
Senthil Kumar is a former Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional). He is a Co-Author of the book "Windows 10 Development Recipes using JavaScript and CSS" for Apress Publication. He is a technical presenter, blogger, mentor and a Geek.Β  Senthil is a regular speaker is various local user groups. He has presented at conferences like Great Indian Developer Summit (GIDS) & Microsoft DevCamps. You can reach out to him via his Twitter handle @isenthil.