Why Nokia and Windows Phone 7 combination will succeed ?

Looks like the news on the Nokia and the Windows Phone 7 is being hot at the moment everywhere .

The move to switch to Windows Phone 7 from the symbian OS might well see a plus for both Windows Phone 7 as well as Microsoft .

The Windows Phone 7 that was released on October , 2010 has been slowly gaining momentum ( I know some people might not agree on it) .

The Phone is slowly becoming popular with consumers as well as network providers .

I did not see such things happen with Windows Mobile and earlier versions .

I personally see a lot of people around me using Nokia Phones here in india . The Nokia phones generally have a good hardware and definitely might get the Windows Phone 7 as well Nokia to a different level . Atleast a Common Mobile user here might be aware of the Device .

Another thing that brings to my mind is the Market perception where people underestimated the Symbian OS as well as the Windows Mobile .

This is getting better though with the Windows Phone 7 which has a better eco system comprising of the Developers , Marketplace and the wonderful OS which can definitely put other Mobile OS like Android , Black Berry and Apple iOS in some sort of pressure when thsi happens .

Lets Wait and Watch for the official announcement in the coming weeks

3 thoughts on “Why Nokia and Windows Phone 7 combination will succeed ?

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  2. This was just a s*** posting. Nokia and Microsoft are two losers in this smartphone mobile race.

    Nokia will close down or get merged in Microsoft within few years. FO

    • Hey Shika ,

      Thanks for the comment . i know you might have not liked Nokia’s tie up with Microsoft . Thats apart .
      Just wait for some time to see the result .
      By the way it is only what i felt and nothing wrong with your perception though 🙂

  3. These new handsets look wonderful, I will be sad to see Symbian go.It would be nice to be able to upgrade my N8 to WP7

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