Visual Studio Achievements Recognition Program

Developers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 can now highlight their skills and get recognised via the Visual Studio Achievements .

The Visual Studio Achievements is a Visual Studio plug-in created by Microsoft Channel 9 Team that enabled the developers to unlock badges and compete against one another based on the code they write and the capabilities of the Visual Studio that they use.

The Visual Studio achievements includes 23 achievements with 6 categories and badges .

Visual Studio Achievements Recognition Program

Visual Studio Achievements Recognition Program

The Visual Studio Achievements plug-in runs in the background thread . Each time when a code is compiled , the plugin listens for particular events and actions from Visual Studio .

When the criteria for a certain badge is detected , the plugin triggers a pop up alert stating a new badge being awarded .

The badge is then displayed on the leaderboard and developer’s channel 9 profile .

You can install Visual Studio Achiements via the Visual Studio Gallery .

Once you are awarded a badge , you can display them on your blog or website via Visual Studio Achievements Widget

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