Telerik JustDecompile

Few days back , I had the opportunity to try out new version of Telerik JustDecompile Beta . Thanks to Chris Eagle for providing me an opportunity to try out the beta 🙂

What is Telerik JustDecompile ?

Telerik JustDecompile is a .NET decompiler tool from Telerik and integrated easily with Visual Studio add-in.

Telerik JustDecompile Download and Installation

Telerik has released the new version of the JustDecompile(version 2013.1.218.1) few days back and you can download the Telerik JustDecompile from the Telerik Download page

One of the improvements in the Telerik JustDecompile is the startup time . I have used the earlier version of Telerik JustDecompile and see faster startup time with the new version .

If you are looking to load the complete assemblies of the framework , you can add it easily by clicking the Open Button and selecting the Load Framework menu.

The new version of the JustDecompile adds the WinRT support as well as the file formats that is used in the Windows 8 apps(Appx and WinMD).

One of the cool feature of the Telerik JustDecompile is the Plugins Manager. The Telerik JustDecompile has the Plugin Manager that lets the user to download and install Plugins . Currently , the Telerik JustDecompile has 2 Plugins called De4Dot Deobfuscator and Assembly Editor.

If you want to create a plugin , you can utilize the Open API to create Plugins 🙂

Telerik JustDecompile currently supports C# , VB and IL . I would like to see more languages to be added to the list to make it more attractive for developers of other languages.

There are still more features in the new version of the JustDecompile . You can find the complete list from the Telerik website.

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