REBOOT: Office 365 API – Connected Services for Web & Mobile

Yesterday , I had the opportunity to speak at REBOOT 2015 Conference on the interested topic related to Office 365 .

The session was about “Office 365 API – Connected Services for Web & Mobile” .

Below are some of the key points that was covered during my session on Office 365 API for Developers
1. What is Office 365 ?
2. Office 2013 development options
3. Different Office 365 APIs available for the developers.
4. Development tools
5. How to Integrate Office 365 feature in to your .NET Application.
6. Demo of Windows Store App and Office 365 API integration.

Below is the embedded presentation of the session Office 365 API – Connected Services for Web & Mobile.

I would like to thank My MVP Lead Biplab Paul and his team as well as the BDotnet Core team for providing me an opportunity to speak during the event.

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