Python Program to Print Hello World

For any beginner in programming, the first code you will ever get to learn, compile and run is “Hello World”. The Python language is one of the easy-to-learn programming languages with simple and straightforward syntax. The print statement is a directive in Python which is used to show the simplest syntax of the language.

How to Print Hello World in Python?

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the basic print statement of the python programming language and display the text “Hello world”.

The print statement is used in the code to display a statement or line of text which is known as string as the output, the syntax for the print statement differs slightly for each programming language.

print("Hello World")


Hello world

  1. Start the program with an open curly braces.
  2. Enter print () and open a parenthesis.
  3. Open a double quotes and enter the statement "Hello World", close the parenthesis.
  4. End the program with a closed curly braces.


  • Any statement which is to be printed should be enclosed within double quotes and parenthesis.
  • The code starts and end with curly braces.
  • A string is defined as a collection or a sequence of characters.