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Oxygene and WP8 – Launchers and Choosers

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The Windows Phone SDK provides the Launchers and Choosers which enables the users to perform some common tasks from the Windows Phone App.

What are Launchers and Choosers?

A Launcher in Windows Phone 8 lets the users to launch the built-in application from the Windows Phone App. The built-in app here refers to Contacts App, Email composer, sharing link etc. The Launcher only launches the built-in app. It doesn’t return data back to the calling application.

Launchers in Windows Phone

Following are the list of launchers available for the Windows Phone developers

  • ConnectionSettingsTask
  • EmailComposeTask
  • MapDownloaderTask
  • MapUpdaterTask
  • MapsTask
  • MapsDirectionsTask
  • MarketplaceDetailTask
  • MarketplaceHubTask
  • MarketplaceReviewTask
  • MarketplaceSearchTask
  • MediaPlayerLauncher
  • PhoneCallTask
  • SearchTask
  • ShareLinkTask
  • ShareStatusTask
  • SmsComposeTask
  • WebBrowserTask
  • BingMapsDirectionsTask
  • BingMapsTask

A Chooser in Windows Phone 8 launches one of the built-in apps where the user completes some task. The difference between the launcher and chooser is that the chooser will return data back to the application.

Examples of the Choosers include the user launching the contacts application and getting the email address of the selected contact.

Choosers in Windows Phone

Following are the list of choosers available for the Windows Phone developers

  • AddressChooserTask
  • CameraCaptureTask
  • EmailAddressChooserTask
  • GameInviteTask
  • PhoneNumberChooserTask
  • PhotoChooserTask
  • SaveContactTask
  • SaveEmailAddressTask
  • SavePhoneNumberTask
  • SaveRingtoneTask
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