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Few months back, i had the opportunity to try the uCertify preparation kit on the Microsoft Certification exam 70-516 – Accessing data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and i also reviewed the 70-516 Exam Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Preparation Kit from uCertify.

At that time, i had to install software provided by uCertify to try the Certification Preparation Kit. Now uCertify has made it more easier by featuring an online preparation kit which can be accesses at .

By making it online, now the preparation kit is accessible to all platforms including windows, Mac, iPad, iPod and Linux.

Some of the features of the

  • Complete location and device independence: Available online 24×7 or go mobile (supported on all major Smartphones and tablets).
  • Digital book integrated with images, videos, audio, quizzes, flash cards, assessments, assignments, study notes and much more.
  • Powerful Analytics to track and gauge learning effectiveness for students, teachers and school administrators.
  • Self-Study or Teacher/Mentor assisted learning.
  • Student-Student & Student-Teacher Collaboration tools.
  • Customizable roles and access for students, TAs, teachers and administrators.
  • Simple, yet powerful teacher portals to customize courses, pre-assessments, tests and assignments.
  • Hassle free, highly available and scalable hosted solution

By making the preparation kit online, uCertify has definitely taken the preparation kit to the next level and making it easier for the users to use it.

Below is a screenshot of my Preparation Kit.

70-516 Exam Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

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