Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview Released

Few days back , Microsoft had released a preview of its Office 365 API tools Summer Update .  Chakkaradeep Chandran , program manager , Visual Studio team has blogged about the summer update in Office Blogs.

What is Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview ?

Office 365 API Tools Summer Update Preview is an update to the Office 365 API tool for Visual Studio 2013  . The current update includes the Office 365 API client libraries for .NET applications and java script for multi-device hybrid applications and also some of the feedbacks and bug fixes from the previous release.

Some of the Tooling Updates in the Current update includes

  • Updated flow
  • Support for managing redirect URIs in ASP.NET web application projects.
  • Support for Windows Phone 8.1 projects in Visual Studio.
  • Changes to Office 365 API authentication library.
  • Updates to multi-device hybrid Cordova applications.
  • and more…

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