Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin from Telerik

The Telerik’s Marketing Team in its Blog announces the release of Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin which skins your Windows Phone Emulator in the smoking hot black or white Nokia Lumia skin .

If you are already a Telerik Customer , you should find the download in your Account .

The Download contains the zip file which includes Readme.txt that explains the steps to follow to skin your Windows Phone Emulator .

The Following Skins are found in the Downloads

  • Nokia Lumia 710 black
  • Nokia Lumia 710 Telerik
  • Nokia Lumia 710 White

Read More about Nokia Lumia WP7 Emulator Skin from Telerik here

Below is the screenshot of my Number Converter for Windows Phone App with the Nokia Emulator Skin from Telerik



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