New Dashboard features in Windows Phone Marketplace

Just logged in to my App hub (Windows Phone) Marketplace account to see a clean dashboard in my Profile.

There was a Service Upgrade for the App Hub yesterday and now this includes some cool features and changes.

Some of these includes the

  • Modified Dashboard layout.
  • Better Reporting for the App Downloads
  • Better Notifications for Messages on the Dashboard
  • Developer Crash Reports
  • Private Beta Marketplace

The Dashboard looks neater with most the information being displayed in the single place especially the reports which were earlier been accessed in a separate page.

The App Highlights section displays the Most Downloaded App with the number and the Recent Crashes reported.

The Reports Section in the Dashboard shows a graph to display the downloads and when you click the View All reports, you will see the App downloads along the countries from where the user downloaded the App.


The Other interesting feature is the “Private Beta Test”


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