My site goes Live

It has been a month now that i was working on my Windows Phone 7 site called and today, the website officially goes live.

I wanted to move all my Windows Phone related articles from to the another site ( ) site and that is how the idea for this new site was born. By this, i can target the windows phone developers via my site and leave for writing general .NET and technology related stuffs.

You might see few articles on Windows Phone cross-posted from in my new site (, but i will keep updating it and even write fresh articles on the new site.

I am still working on few more things in the website. I will update them as when i get enough free time for it. Some of these include changing the website layout, better logo etc. . . .

With the Windows Phone Mango update on its way in the coming month, it gives me more opportunity to learn and share about the Windows Phone 7 in my site.

What do you people have to say? How does the website look? I would appreciate your feedback

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