My 10 favorite Visual Studio Shortcuts

Below is a compiled list of my 10 favorite shortcuts in Visual Studio 2010 that i use every day…

1. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D

Autoformats the code

2. Shift+Alt+Enter

Run Visual Studio in full screen mode.

3. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K

Want to Bookmark a line of code? The Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K shortcut key help you to bookmark the code easily.

4. F12

This shortcut key takes you to the definition of the selected member.

5. Shift + F12

This shortcut key shows the references of the selected member in the solution.

6. Ctrl + Space

Forgot something? Want the support of Intellisense? Use the shortcut key Ctrl + Space.

7. Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C

Comment a block of code using this shortcut key.

8. Ctrl+K and Ctrl+N

Navigates to the next bookmark

9. Ctrl+M and Ctrl+M

Expands or Collapses the current code block.

10. Ctrl + F5

Start without Debugging

Useful Visual Studio shortcuts aren’t it? Are there any of the shortcuts that you like? Feel free to share it in the comments section.