Microsoft’s List of Opensource Projects

Found this nice link on the Microsoft’s opensource projects .

Here are some interesting facts mentioned in the website

  • + 13,000 opensource projects hosted at Codeplex
  • 3,50,000 opensource projects run on Windows
  • Microsoft’s Public license is one of the top 10 open source licenses today.

There are plenty of project lists that are mentioned here like 3DTools, ADODB, ajaxdoc, Apache POI and Open XML File Formats, ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit, Azure Ruby SDK for .NET Services, Bing 404 Web Page Error Toolkit for PHP, Eclipse Tools for Silverlight, MobileMVC, PHP Toolkit for ADO.NET Data Services, Restlet Extension for WCF Data Services and many more …

Check the following sample Opensource projects for the .NET Developers

1. ASP.NET Alerts – Messageboxes that can be used in ASP.NET that includes both client-side code and server-side .

Link :

2. ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit – This adds the Ajax functionality to the ASP.NET Web Forms applications.

Link :

3. ASP.NET Real World Controls – ASP.NET Real World Controls has some nice custom and reusable controls which developers commonly need to implement in real world development.
Link :

4. ASP.NET RSS Toolkit – This Toolkit gives the developers to consume and publish the RSS Feeds from the ASP.NET Applications.

Link :

5. patterns & practices: Composite WPF and Silverlight – Link :

6. patterns & practices – Enterprise Library –  This is a collection of Application blocks to assist software developers with common development challenges.

Link :

7. LINQ Expression Builder –  A SQL to LINQ translator for Visual Studio 2008.
Link :

8. LINQ IQueryable Toolkit – A toolkit to help manipulating the LINQ Expression trees .
Link :

For more details on the list of projects , visit

I have used some  of the above mentioned projects  like ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit , ASP.NET RSS Toolkit and LIND Expression Builder and they are really a Awesome tools for development

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