Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API is now available for Download

Microsoft Research has announced the release of the the Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API which can be downloaded the Microsoft Research site

The Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API is available for Download for both 32-bit and 64-bit flavours .

“The Microsoft Touch Mouse supports multitouch gestures via an integrated sensor. The Touch Mouse Sensor API software-development kit (SDK) is a small library intended to enable students and researchers to experiment directly with Touch Mouse sensor output. Using this SDK, you can create your own applications consuming the 13 x 15 sensor image. The SDK includes C# and C++ samples demonstrating how to read and manipulate sensor data. ” states the Microsoft Research Site about the tool .

The Prerequisites for using the API are Visual Studio 2010 , Microsoft Touch Mouse and Windows 7 .

The SDK is currently provided for only research and educational purposes and not for Commercial purpose .

You can Download Microsoft Touch Mouse Sensor API here

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