Living My Dreams………

From College Id Card to Office Id Card, From Student to Software Engineer,From College to Software Company and a System where i could use the whole day.Yes its truly official: today is my first day on the job as intern in Trivium e-Solutions.

While starting any new job always has challenges, i am hoping to spend much of the coming days and weeks doing a lot of listening to the awesome team here at Trivium and learn lots of Useful stuffs.

Things went as planned on day one , when everyone of our batch planned to meet exactly by 8.45 AM although i was late as usual 🙂 .I was quite tensed, silent as usual thinking about how would the new environment be, but with the atmosphere there was totally different (very Cool and relaxed ).

Well we had to complete some formalities on the first day meeting the HR and filling some Forms and later had some discussion with the important persons there.

Then we were asked to practise or brush through the concepts of what we were there for.

Well one more Good thing happened out…….

I have choosen my Favorite Technology out there to work. Thats a Great Situation isn’t it.

Hope would learn Lot of things in the Coming Months. : -)

One thought on “Living My Dreams………

  1. you will offcourse learn things and also elaborate them into the organisation, wish you all success. have a good career and blessed life.

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