Learn to Program for Wearables using C# at Xhackers Wearable Day

Do you want to know what it takes to develop for wearables like Apple Watch , Microsoft Band and Moto360 etc. using C# ? . Here’s an interesting user group meet to attend and learn more from the community folks.

xHackers is one of the active user groups in Bangalore for people interested in iOS , Android , Windows Phone and Windows Store Development in C# and Xamarin . They are hosting an event called Wearables day on April 4th , 2015 at Microsoft Signature Building, Embassy Golf Link, Domlur , Bangalore from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM.

Some of the sessions planned for the Wearables day includes

  • Quick introduction to Xamarin, Xamarin Forms by Pooran
  • Getting started with Microsoft Band by Vidyasagar
  • Apple Watch concepts by Pooran
  • Android Wear concepts by Vidyasagar

Know more about the Xhackers Wearables Day , registration and timings at XHackers meetup page

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