//Learn/ – Global Community Webcast Recordings

//Learn/ Global Community Webcast was one of the great Community initiatives where over 50 Microsoft MVPs (Microsoft Valuable Professional) came together on April 24 , 2014 to present close to 70 sessions to help the app developers on various topics related to the Windows Store and Windows Phone store app development .

The Recordings of //Learn/ – Global Community Webcast is now available for viewing .Choose from the list of topics or watch them all in different languages . Some of the toppics includes

  • Introduction to Windows Phone 8.1
  • Adapting UI for Different Screen
  • Getting Started Building Windows XAML Apps
  • Windows Runtime XAML App Lifecycle
  • Page navigation and Data Binding
  • Localization, Globalization in Windows XAML Apps
  • Lists
  • Tiles, badges and toasts and Action Center
  • Page Layout Controls & Transition Animations
  • Background Tasks

Watch the //Learn/ – Global Community Webcast Recordings from the //Learn event website

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