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HealthVault Library for Windows 8 Released

The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is released and is now available for download from Codeplex. Note that the HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is currently in the alpha stage and definitely an SDK to try for your Windows 8 app 🙂

What is HealthVault Library for Windows 8?

The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 is a library that provides a framework for building Windows 8 (Windows Store) app which connects to the Microsoft HealthVault.

The HealthVault Library for Windows 8 contains a Windows runtime component that provides the abstraction for working with the HealthVault, Windows Store class library that can be used within the Windows 8 (Windows Store) App and a sample program which is a sample Windows 8 App written in JavaScript which demonstrates how to build a Windows 8 App that connects to Microsoft HealthVault.

Download and try the HealthVault Library for Windows 8 from the codeplex website

If you want to know more about HealthVault , check the HealthVault platform technical overview from MSDN which describes the core concepts like HealthVault terminology , Healthcare professionals and HealthVault , The HealthVault web service , Establishing a connection with the user via Website , Mobile and Patient Connect , Drop-Off Pick-Up (DOPU) , Using Direct Project messaging , Exchanging data , HealthVault data storage model and more…

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