Google Play

Google’s Android Market has changed its name. Its new name being Google Play.

Many experts believe their re-branding is due to the fact that the previous market place did not offer Android users a complete solution or ‘ecosystem’. Whilst preaching the virtues of the Android OS at WMC this year, Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, too made this point. It is his and the big G’s position that it must cater to the consumer who wishes to access more than apps alone. With the ever increasing processing power of devices it is imperative this is done sooner rather than later. It has too been suggested that this sort of comprehensive platform or ‘ecosystem’ will become an increasing relevancy factor in future marketing schemes. As Matt Warman of the Telegraph notes below Google knew and know that, hence the Google Play store.

“Google knows, as Nokia boss Steven Elop never tires of saying, there is increasingly a war of ecosystems, and it must make the Android version the most attractive option available.”

You can read that entire article, here

There at present exist a number of providers offering android apps to users, but apps alone. It is clearly Google’s intention to monopolise this fragmented market with a comprehensive solution to user needs in the form of their play store. Keep your eyes peeled for Google Play future developments.

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