Do you want to be a Windows Phone 7 Developer Hero ?

Do you want to be a Windows Phone 7 Developer Hero ? Here’s an opportunity for WP7 Developers

The Windows Phone 7 Team will select and spotlight a selected group of talented Windows Phone 7 Developers by promoting the Developers and giving them a chance to show off their hardwork and creative ability .

To participate in this , just create a great Windows Phone 7 App and register or link your developer account to the WP7 Developer Program , then twice a month , the WP7 team will choose from hundreds of apps and feature the best on the site .

Currently there are 3 developers who are featured in the “Hero of the Week”.


  • Elliott Forde – Elliott recently has created 2 Apps: Time Tracker and Ricochet . Time tracker is a business application that allows the user to keep track of time spent with clients, calculate payments, and send notifications. Ricochet simple strategy game using XNA framework
  • Herm Mogilevskiy – Herm has 3 Apps to his credits – Paper Toss , MASH , Spin the Bottle . Herm believes that Windows Phone 7 is a new platform, it is up to the developers to make it the best .
  • Jake Poznanski & Sam Kaufmann – Jake and Sam has the Apps Spades , Solitaire and Word Search to their Credit .

So do you want to be a WP7 Developer hero and get yourself and your Apps featured , then build the WP7 App and Join WP7 Developer Program

There is also special offer for Developers as mentioned in the site .

” Get a $99 rebate for your Marketplace fee when you successfully publish two Windows Phone 7 apps that are profiled in the Windows Phone 7 Developer Program (Microsoft Platform Ready for WP7) and in the Marketplace by April 15th, 2011.

Offer good only in the 50 United States (includes D. of C.) to profiled users (new and existing) of both the Windows Phone 7 Developer Program, (which is located at and, and the Windows Phone Marketplace, having paid the $99 Marketplace fee. “


Know more about the Windows Phone 7 Developer Program here

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