6 Windows Phone Valentine’s Day Apps for Committed Couples

February 14th is the Valentine’s day which is one of the important day for almost everyone . If you are using Windows Phone , then here are couple of cool apps to try specially for the Committed Couples.

Do you want to make this Valentine’s day really special ? Windows Phone 8 has an answer for you. Just Open up the Windows Phone store on your Windows Phone 8 download the below apps and plan your Valentine’s day well.

6 Windows Phone Valentine’s Day Apps for Committed Couples

1. Valentine Greetings

An Valentine Greetings App specially for the Indian Users . This app lets the users to print and post it directly to to yout list of recipients for free (limited time) .

Valentine Greetings app can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store

2. TuneIn Radio

Although the App is any occassion , the TuneIn Radio app can be used for a perfect selection of romantic radio stations

“TuneIn makes you feel like you are right there with the people and places that are important to you.”

Download TuneIn Radio from Windows Phone Store

3. BookMyShow

Spend more time with your loved one’s by taking her/him to a movie . Use the App “BookMyShow” to buy tickets for your favorite movie .

Download BookMyShow from Windows Phone Store

4. cBazaar

How can a valentine’s day end without shopping ? Get ready to do some shopping with the cBazaar on Windows Phone 8.

Download cBazaar from Windows Phone Store

5. Zomato

Use the Zomato App on your Windows Phone to find out your favorite restaurant and have some food .

Download Zomato for Windows Phone 8 from Windows Phone Store

6. Ganeshaspeaks

Want to check your as well as your loved one’s horoscope ? Try Ganeshaspeaks App on Windows Phone 8 to get to know what’s in store for both of you 🙂

Download Ganeshaspeaks from Windows Phone Store.

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